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Tell prospective customers more about your company and the services you offer here.  Replace this image with one more fitting to your business.

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Software Development

VNS IT Solutions is into the convention of Product development solutions for all the small and medium businesses across the globe. We are advanced in offering the best and the widest range of technology services at a very lucrative prices with the technical ability and deep domain knowledge to swiftly turn around a product design from requirements to proof of beginning or prototypes.
At VNS IT Solutions we offer a complete range of Product Development Services as mentioned below:

  • Enhance in Time with the Market
  • Influence the best practices and technologies in the market
  • We Obtain outstanding quality and appreciate great value of cost advantage that other companies cannot provide.
  • Our product development team brings together experts and rich experience in software & product development. We operate on a belief that the success of any product enterprise is heavily dependent on the precision of the roadmap, the design, development and execution of action plan.
  • We emphasize more on product engineering along with dispersed development that would help to evolve several mechanisms, tactic s and structures to address different clients. These customized offerings reduce the cost, time-to-time and risk of implementation while enhancing the eminence of the product or a service.
  • VNS IT Solutions offers a full menu of services including element level consulting for new product development and re-engineering existing products to new platforms and technologies providing a precise methodology, demonstrated processes, and a strong track record.

On Job Training


Software Consultant Job Description

Work as part of a team focused on the development, installation, integration, testing and maintenance of our business software applications. Consultants have a strong desire for continuous learning and growth of technical and functional skills, and possess great interpersonal skills.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Must be willing to learn application development skills
  • Working closely with our development center to integrate release software into client environments.
  • Ensuring successful completion of personal and team deliverables: Participating in the testing, maintenance, and enhancement phase associated with a system product or component
  • Potentially managing small project teams on established activities or as a sub part of larger projects
  • Working with clients on a daily basis to obtain specifications for software development and to review implemented software.
  • Team with consultants and solutions engineers to implement identity management products for enterprise customers
  • Document on-site work and assist customers in initial training
  • Identify, map, extract, and transform data from a variety of sources using Microsoft SSIS and SQL Server technologies
  • Install and configure products on-site at customers’ sites or remotely

Job Experience And Requirements

  • Bachelors degree in information systems or equivalent
  • Knowledge of access management and security principles
  • Proven ability to learn complex software systems quickly, and become productive in customer environments in a minimum amount of time
  • Hands-on implementation of enterprise software and/or security products.

Data Entry

Definition: Data entry is a broad term that encompasses a number of occupations. These include electronic data processors, typists, word processors, transcribers, coders and clerks.

In essence, data entry means to operate equipment, often a keyboard, that inputs (alphabetic, numeric, or symbolic) data into a company’s system. The data entry operator may be required to verify or edit data as it is entered.

And while many of the data entry positions listed above fall under the data entry umbrella, jobs that are advertised as “data entry jobs” usually require the least skills and in turn pay the least. Specialized data entry positions, like medical transcriptionists, require more training.


VNS IT Solutions wealth management service provides assistance for financial planning and investing. Our highly qualified financial advisors coordinates portfolio management, retail banking, real estate planning, legal resources and tax professionals, among other aspects of finance. VNS IT Solutions wealth management team assures thorough and effective consulting in this area..

VNS IT Solutions wealth management services are designed for high-net-worth and affluent individuals around the world, whether investing internationally or in their home country. We provide tailored, unbiased advice and investment services—ranging from asset management to estate planning and from corporate finance to home financing. Our business, global in scale, is focused on growth. As an integrated firm, we create value for clients by drawing on the combined resources and expertise of all our businesses.

Wealth Management group provides advice-based wealth management services and products to both individuals and businesses. VNS IT Solutions wealth management advisory is beached in our set of connections of Financial Advisors around the world and the one on one affiliation they develop with their clients.

Financial and Private Wealth Advisors serve the numerous of needs of high net worth folks and small and mid-sized business owners. We consider the reassure of our clients’ financial lives, enabling us to become their crucial partners – by providing wealth management recommendation, products and services.

Venture Capitalist

VNS IT Solutions experienced team seeks to invest in and develop promising business ideas. With the strength of the VNS IT Solutions brand and marketing, new ideas have the opportunity to succeed. Our team of market analysts are experts in tracking upcoming businesses in the global market and assessing their long term return potential. Our services include acquisition of businesses that will have a bright future when combined with our knowledge and expertise.

Web Designing

VNS Solutions developing different types of applications regarding to Web based applications. These applications are developed under VisualStudio.NET and Java. Website Designing, Logo Designing, Redesigning, Flash Animation, Banner Design, and other solutions for small businesses.

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